Sunday, December 30, 2012


I was an addict
I still am
I came to the truth of this
Still wanting to feel
And feel less...
The way i use to drown  it out. 

Eyes awaken 
And fall fast asleep 
Behind the curtain
The only face I see...


My lungs are shallow
Breathe in deep 
To allow myself the energy 
There is a chance any day now
I won't feel the way i feel...

To enable my tolerance
I shatter the blind frames
In which you use to see through...
A picture shy of words
And my eyes never focused 
Seems the fear and I as one
And your love, the ambivalent

Help me to find this on my own
Because I know I'm going to be alone 
For a long time.
Help me to find the strength 
Not in these pills...

The vial is empty!

Help me to find the strength 

My prayer is unheard
My words, the addiction...

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