Thursday, January 17, 2013

Name Within

Walk through the door
Incense burns 
Stain glass patterns on my arm
Windows closed... 
Blue up above  

And your still there
With me or without

Blue up above  

The stare case of Saint Mary.
Eyes still fixed on candlelight altars 
Never knowing what to say... 

Now the dust speaks on it's own
Floats through the air across the sun
Breathing like a child
To blow it away... 
But more aware of the world
And the pain that's behind all human

The pain behind a prayer. 

Breathing like a child
To blow it away.


Think of a pleasant place to rest
Where we won't have to hear the voices
Where we won't hear each-other think.
You can see the space between each binding
And the effect the words had on me.
Under the elder tree 
There is plenty of time to listen
Plenty of time to read....

But I always end up writing.

Our family bible has our name within...

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