Thursday, January 17, 2013

One With Them

No more mornings... no more clouds and heavy eyelids.
Mourning, won't you let me die?

Emptiness fills me...
A quiet bed I made for myself
There's no murder outside 
Except the crows 
You were always 
As dark and one with them. 

You shelter me into the ground
Cloaked in black and red.

Their eyes reflected through mine 
Torn apart, bruised in flesh. 


Still hurts to be rejected 
On the outside something missing
That you would give... 
Almost anything to have.

On the outside someones there
That you would give anything 
To have them know
Your hearts still beating... 
Your not alone.


We planted the seeds for generations 

Watched them grow now dead flowers from our past 
We hung the ornaments on Holidays 
Removed all commercial 

Sundays came and went. 
Our eyes teared and wept. 

And you have ascended, the risen 

While I have 
Descended the deepness.
No place left for me to fail.

No more mornings... 

No more clouds and heavy eyelids.


Won't you let me fade away?

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