Monday, January 21, 2013


I wanted to be one of those lights
Divine in the race for simplicity 
I know out of body 
Means nothing to fear
Nothing to hide 
When my own eyes led me this way
I believe without even a sign 

There is no other...

Alone is alone
Enough is enough
You still have yourself 
Learn to work it out... 
Accept the rarity of life
Under the circumstance; 
You can be your own master
Or your own worst enemy 

These thoughts I hate...
But i understand... 
Maybe I'm not happy either way...
But still I can suffer...
I may only suffer
And when I've suffered enough
Maybe I'll get what i prayed for? 

No one knows...


I hear the rain hitting the water
From a day in spring 2 years ago
Don't know what it was...
Maybe a lifeboat in those sequenced hours 
Screaming in the dark

All was quiet 

I was numb.

Nothing is simple 
I didn't believe it could be 

Why else would I fill my glass full of rain
To take those pills...
Those fucking pills never did anything. 

So dumb it down and numb yourself down
 Another way...
Would hope to kill me 

Can't even put me to sleep. 

Don't forget that precious cat cry
In the morning when she nudges your face 
Never far from... 


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