Friday, January 25, 2013

THE PARADOX (I) "Sentiment"

I don't know how it all started
Though I try to recall...
My life as a child
In the wilderness of my soul
Sometimes life gets broken
But not beyond repair 

I think of all those nights I heard the trains
While I laid in bed
Half awake half asleep...
While school was just another place
I never wanted to be...
All those memories of being an anxious teen
Were somehow saved by love and by grace 

The music of Porcupine Tree...

I can still see the sunlight
On a beautiful day in spring
The year was 2005
Every pathway was golden
Lead me to believe I was getting stronger

Maybe even start remission... 

Then I finished The Purpose 
And felt I myself had my own 
I had never seen the world like the others
Maybe it was a curse 
I didn't fit in the crowd.

Sometimes life gets broken 
But not beyond repair... 

All these lullabies leading astray 
Somehow brought me to you...
The Paradox 
As love flourished  
Still beating as strong as it were
As everything beautiful should have felt

There were nights I tried not to dwell on it
Because I didn't know how to react... 
It's hard enough not knowing my world
When there's another I can't live. 

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