Friday, January 11, 2013

The Picture Negative

The pain he speaks of is of her.
The wake is unimportant
The need to feel safe... yet free from the future 
That doesn't need to start or stop...
As long as we're nowhere...

I never want to give up. 

The death of sirens, continues 
To encounter me in my dreams
And awaken the less imaginative 

I pay my respects... 
Send my regards
I open the door... 
But the wind still blows right through

If I worry because i think to much,
There is no way to comfort that.
If i'm sorry because I can't be fulfilled 
I won't forgive myself no matter what

The picture is a negative.  

I hold in my hands
Right up to the light 
But the dark is still dark
And the words are still grey.. 


I slept peacefully... 

A walk through the valley in the forest near my house

I was a child, just eleven 
As innocent as the rain was cold...

On my skin...

I remember falling
But the tears didn't come from this...
The sky was beauty 
A kiss on my neck... 
Her name I hadn't known
But her face I'll never forget...

I was a child, just eleven.
As innocent as the rain was cold...

In the spring...

I slept peacefully then.

1 comment:

  1. you make a film about this.
    express too much detail, think about it.
    i like it.