Monday, February 25, 2013

Ghost (III) Limitations

I fight the odds of my silence, of my dependency  
I revolve around the night's endless display
The hours i have not slept before complete exhaustion fades
The ever blinding sun...

Do you believe in immortality?
Even the faintest cry will not be heard outside
My heart, if it wasn't from your eyes
I would never have known...

The prayers could be so strangely universal. 

To write to your beloved ghost...
Or leave the empty spaces when all goes wrong. 
Moonbeams of a promise left to limitations
Make the silence here, deprive me of darkness 
I am but in my shell, loved for the eternal bond
That breathes entirety, when life exceeds failure.
That breathes whole... when the flower reopens... 

I am but dead flowers...
Though they smell just as beautiful.

To write to your beloved ghost...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Time

I swore to father that I would not shed another tear
Over the departed...
But that was another time...
A distant bell that rings in my village 
I never thought could feel so alone without... 

Different meanings of what she holds
Possess in my love 
I am still witness too.

Regardless of anything. 

I'd like to believe she still knows my love for her  
Beats in an extraordinary way
I like to believe a lot of things...
As far as I was concerned my time was over 

As bad news has a way of setting in.


I close my eyes, back to the TV
And cry... 
I pay little attention to, what I have
The well runs dry...

The well runs...

When the needle breaks 

My blood through, coarse veins. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Crepuscular Light

(It's beyond light and dark but it's here forevermore)

I came to this place so solace in my web of blue
And departed without impulse to words...
The night was cast down before me, leaving no scent behind 
If only the whispers of mother earth, could be heard...
I left a pale embrace, amidst the long dark morning

And days of winter that were the only tears to return
Reminding me why my heart was beating...

Although the reasons were not clear... 
I was thrown into the emptiness 
Guided by a delicate hand...

Knowing nothing of my way...
Or paths to come
The pain was won significantly by declaring his love

I was it's final victory.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

THE PARADOX (III) "The Possible Truth"

On the verge of breakdown to expire your only rule
In time the leaves will cover the remaining truth...

I found you out there 
Bristles on all sides of a brush
Lean against the canvas to compromised art
You are not distinguished anymore...
The lines have changed
Your path lies on principle 

Dream are all that remain. 

You are no longer the perception of self
Looking into the bright day...

With persistent fear.

In the beginning there were no expectations 
Now the loss is the only thing keeping me in the state
 I've learned to heal
(Dreams are all that remain)
Arrange themselves from deep to superficial
Enough to slip further from the breaking point

And reach for despair... to understand  

Everything that is pure and good within
May hurt you, if you don't believe it can...

The most beautiful things do. 


I was chasing little lights in the skies 
Torn between my window frame and the forest  
Feet in the grass holding nothing but a book in my hand 
With it's own pulse, mine was neglected 
Captions to nostalgic letters, yearning 
Time is among one of the strangest things...

Some say one day can fulfill more than an entire lifetime 
But the burdens are merely ghosts, I can feel suffering. 

The constant contrast between who I am...
 And what the rest of the world believes is important.

On the verge of breakdown to expire your only rule
In time the leaves will cover the possible truth...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Wind Brushes

Land waits among the sea
Laughter after tears following... 
Just a word or thought among the heart
Resolve around the beat of nothing...
The snow is fine like sand of the desert
The wind is mild- hears me sing
The harmony aloud... 

Sweet memories in spirits connected.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


What more can be honored in the rose garden?
Sometimes we don't know why we're enamored 
By something, by someone, an old film 
Years before us... 
But it's there... 
Maybe just brings us closer to sanctuary...

To higher cause... 

In hindsight, I bought the flowers to accent the snow...
Just a little red in the orchard of solitude  

The picture comes together... 
The eyes travel, green to brown...
I wish all sides and corners of the earth were bent for me 
To spin on the heels of yesterdays rain...
Slip back into a dream, not a nightmare...

Make it all worth living again.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ghost (II) Paralyzed Phantom

Cold does not feel cold anymore...
Though never numb to my emotion.

Something's remain to be seen...
Out of focus...

Words truly... unfulfilled.

To open a feather from the hand of God...
Slowly drifts from the sky into the ocean
Ascends to the clouds and down again
Never to return but never lost.

Within this blind faith I cast away, the darkest thoughts
But only for a brief, window...

Never have I felt this way...
Never have I written with more devotion
To feel as one without ever knowing

Everything reminds me I'm not alone
While she's in my heart
And I in her's...

The logic melts away... the confusion burning
A paradox unorganized on the table
Reason to a earthly prayer... united.

As lightening strikes the Vatican twice.

I don't want to be invisible any longer...
Set to self destruct
Someday, maybe it becomes that apparent 
Either way I am to suffer to figure out...

Are we ever through comprehending?
What we feel the need to leave before
The after;

Meanwhile always a Ghost
All eyes elusive...
Stuck in between
The human and the emotional...
Paralyzed phantom.

To open a feather from the hand of God...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ghost (I) Sacred Hill

I want to see beyond the wall 
To see under the picture frames as a ghost...
I started laughing to learn
It was hardly a vision outside my window
Cloaked in red,
Maybe just some light exposure... 

Purring over the sacred hill
As of ashes to the overcast sky...
Tree limbs lurching in the wind 
To make the fright unknown odyssey...

The world is even more terrifying than you believe... 

To see the boy I was growing old
His life needs no caption 
Look into the eyes of my child...
Escape all through the decades 
Before he was even alive...
A pulse was permanent nature

The universe was profound.

Father will hide all his fear
Mother will comfort me until I sleep...

I remember so vivid 
The many mysteries unexplained.

I want to see beyond the wall 
To see under the picture frames as my ghost...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Universal Influence (III) "Nine"

Maybe words are often used 
To depict, describe and to dream
The colors of a much brighter existence.
Maybe rain will fall doubt on all actions.
No promise in the world 
Only faith; 
Second hand... 

Tears are universal.

Love may feel the depth inside
Though to be true, in truth defined.
I believe so desperately 
The influence like a prayer
Forever is meant
As a part of the flowers, the river, the trees 
The clouds above into space... 

You may ask yourself what is the significance?

Do all created things have meaning?

Maybe words are seldom used... 

Universal Influence (II) "Branch of the Earth"

Everything bought was in red.

Just removed the anchor that supported my weight 
I use to be light here, in the air
A pollen drifting to the nearest 
Branch of the earth...
Land is a endless display of his work...
I try to request a sentiment to hold in my hands
Maybe just an old record
Reach into the box...
 Give me the first thing that you take. 

Nature; a quiet resting place, for me to call out my indifference's 
It hurts, sometimes so much so...
There's no air to breathe.
What is persistent, is the sorrow
All around me, miles away, above 
Stand tall, don't look down...
It's buried furthermore 

A broken timepiece anyhow. 

Universal Influence (I) "Expressed by a Sign"

Winter's hand 
Cold and shaking in the view of night
I don't need to feel so lost and hopeless...
But I always have.... 
Outside there are people who know how we feel
We're never less than we think we are...

My heart is but a train rushing down the tracks
There's something, in the way. Someone.
In my dream it is I who is there
Frozen in the headlights of my own heart breaking


The time is sure to be a consequence.
In the moments that I have kept my ritual, dear to me
I have never forgotten all the love that fills the air...
Just in the depth of a secluded crowd 
I reach out my hand
Only to disappear... and disappear again

This shrouded nightmare, signified. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It is in my heart to be at unison.
Elizabeth was a great name for an old town
One mountain grows flowers up there
Not a soul to see the stardust. 
The winter freeze on bloodhill
Recalls a healthy child in a red house

Open the windows leave the flower scent here.
To modest to accept the compliment 
Without a certain smile to reflect
The innocence...

Rain on my skin
Tears absolved

The sweet tenderness. 

To others this would be foreign land
The grain of the earth
Rocks between the riverbed.
The sound of the water sleeps 
To closed eyes 
Another peace exists 

To eyes wide open.

My gaze is left on a black petal 
Frozen in time upon that mountain

Not a soul to see the stardust. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shade of the Void

Wish this was another garden view 
Something for you and I.
I remember driving through the rain
Simply to reconnect with melancholy.
Just another dried up flower 
Refusing to bloom 
Just another cloud above the sun 
In the shade of the void 

All consuming.

I came to panic yesterday 
Another waste of the race 
On you...
See through faces;
Turn of the page
Cover me in the dust my name covers.

Unbind the book before.
Carefully... carefully 

We do not get paid for anything we love doing.

Our hearts near to be 
I can hear it loud and clear 
When I alone
Deprived of entirety... 

Sorry we need this time to be alone
When I alone
Fall carelessly into 
That shade of the void

Most of the time I think,
Our emotions are what's weighing us.
When the nightfall comes 
I turn to ghosts...

There is a sign in the northern light.

Which staircase connects, ascending high 
No other shadows...

When the nightfall comes 
I may not be, all that I came to be...

Wasted life, 
Wasted height above the earth's floor.

Wish this was another Gardenland 
Something for you and I.
I remember driving through the rain
Simply to reconnect with melancholy.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sound Before

This lonely track, one way
From dismal, art.
Blood red ink exposed rusted bones
No need to... feel too inclined to 
Comfort the insanity. 

Stronger now in the dust.
Shapes of gray and disassociated words  
To save the silence from lack of compassion.
Dream on in desperation... 

Enchantment will harmonize with nature. 
Spiritual sole; 
Bound to the love we give and are given...  

The end will fade from the end, 
There is no sign on the big screen
(High up in the clouds)
Pages will flutter in the wind
No one will remember...

Some music still plays in the background 
A soulful decrease  
The loss of feeling...

The sound before the sound

Ljudet Innan 

This lonely track, one way
Of dismal, art.