Friday, February 1, 2013

Sound Before

This lonely track, one way
From dismal, art.
Blood red ink exposed rusted bones
No need to... feel too inclined to 
Comfort the insanity. 

Stronger now in the dust.
Shapes of gray and disassociated words  
To save the silence from lack of compassion.
Dream on in desperation... 

Enchantment will harmonize with nature. 
Spiritual sole; 
Bound to the love we give and are given...  

The end will fade from the end, 
There is no sign on the big screen
(High up in the clouds)
Pages will flutter in the wind
No one will remember...

Some music still plays in the background 
A soulful decrease  
The loss of feeling...

The sound before the sound

Ljudet Innan 

This lonely track, one way
Of dismal, art.

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