Friday, February 8, 2013

Universal Influence (I) "Expressed by a Sign"

Winter's hand 
Cold and shaking in the view of night
I don't need to feel so lost and hopeless...
But I always have.... 
Outside there are people who know how we feel
We're never less than we think we are...

My heart is but a train rushing down the tracks
There's something, in the way. Someone.
In my dream it is I who is there
Frozen in the headlights of my own heart breaking


The time is sure to be a consequence.
In the moments that I have kept my ritual, dear to me
I have never forgotten all the love that fills the air...
Just in the depth of a secluded crowd 
I reach out my hand
Only to disappear... and disappear again

This shrouded nightmare, signified. 

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